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Who are we?

Alton Action are a non-partisan group initiated by Alton Estate residents and local activists who has fostered the creation of a People’s Plan by the Community, for the Community of the Alton Estate.

Alton Action are not associated with any property developers or property investors – our concerns
are the current and future housing, social and environmental needs of the residents of the Alton

Why now?

Now is the time to allow the people who call the Alton Estate home a say in its future.

In the aftermath the Covid-19 pandemic and looking at yet another economic recession, both nationally and globally, we need to focus on the immediate needs of the people and abandon the unsustainable drive for private economic gain.

Looking around us, seeing what is being built and how the people live, it is clear: the ‘housing crisis’ is not one of available spaces but one of affordability. We are seeing the growth in the class divide; a world only a few can comfortably afford to live in, while the majority are struggling to make ends meet.

What are our aims?


What is a People's

(or Community) Plan?

Learn more here.

Our aim is to deliver the improvements that residents need; through collaborative workshops and discussions with residents, we can make sure that their voices will be heard, and their needs met.

We are proposing a community-focused investment that meets the housing, social and environmental needs of the people who live on the estate while maintaining its architectural and cultural integrity. This means:

  • rejecting the council’s historic Master plans which failed to meet the needs of the residents and proved undeliverable​

  • creating a new People’s Plan for the Alton Estate proposal, in collaboration with residents on the Alton Estate

We have partnered with a research team from University College London along with the Just Space network to co-produce an alternative People’s Plan, which explores the alternatives to demolition. 

Why do we need

a People’s Plan?

The Alton Estate is viewed, by some, solely as a lucrative site on the outskirts of one of the most expensive cities in the world. Under its previous administration, Wandsworth Council had embarked on several failed regeneration plans over the last 15 years. Each of these plans had focused on maximising developers’ potential profits, at the expense of the current residents, for example:

  • a lack of investment in the areas earmarked for demolition, resulting in buildings which have become dilapidated and in urgent need of repair

  • poorly maintained accommodation with ineffective insulation and inefficient heating, mould and damp

  • residents living in overcrowded homes



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