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What is a People's (Community) Plan*?

It’s a document prepared by the community to identify what we want to improve or achieve in the area.

It can include whatever the community agrees is important.

A good example of how community-led planning works is The People’s Plan developed by the residents of Cressingham Gardens in Lambeth.

How will we create a People Plan?
Residents, businesses, and local organisations will work together to create the plan.

Ideas will be discussed and developed in a series of workshops:

We will have the expert support needed from planners, architects, surveyors, economists and innovators in the field of social investment. This network will expand and grow in parallel with the involvement of the Alton community.

Why do we need a People Plan? Isn’t it the council’s job to make plans?
The council had 15 years to make progress on regeneration, but despite all the resources spent on them the plans they’ve presented are unsuitable. Meanwhile resources haven’t been put into maintaining the estate and meeting the needs of the community.

How do we know that the council will listen to us?
We can’t guarantee it, but a positive plan developed and supported collectively by residents is much harder to dismiss or ignore than an individual objection. We know that many objections were raised by individual residents, businesses, and local organisations in consultation. The council hasn’t listened and wants to stick to the plans created with Redrow, even after the developers abandoned them.
We don’t think this will change unless the community shows the council a positive and viable way forward togeth

Will it be safe?
Yes, our events and workshops will be held safely in line with public health guidelines and, for now, will be held online.

How do I get involved?
We need ideas and support from across the community to make this work. Write to us to learn more and get involved! 

*The terms 'People's Plan' and 'Community Plan' are being used interchangeably.

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